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For 30 years now, Action Ski Rental and Rideshop has been helping customers find exactly what they need. The team at Action is here to help you pick out the gear that is right for you. Our sales and rental fleets have expanded to include ski, snowboard, snow clothing, mountain bikes, road bikes, beach cruisers, hybrid bikes, paddle boards, Thule roof boxes, camping gear, pro scooters and more.

We carry gear from the top brands in the industry: Burton, Salomon, Union, Smith, Spy, Arbor, Capita, Atomic, Thirty Two, Bern, Zeal, Electric, Scott, Voormi, Fox, Stance, Stanley, Annon, SP Gadgets, Osprey, Pow, Candy Grind, Trek, Santa Cruz, Thule, Sportrack, Liquid Shredder, Hot Chillys, 686, Airblaster, Crab Grab, Mountain House, Jet Boil, UST, World Famous Sports, WFS, Stanley, Phoenix, Lucky, District, 5 Star, Madd Gear, MGP, Sacrifice, Grit, Dominator, Proto.

Action Ski Rental and Rideshop is owned by a Mesa, AZ native. Support your community and SHOP LOCAL!


FULL TUNE & WAX - $40+

Chin to nose can work in most cases but it's not the real way to size a board. There are many factors in sizing someone for a board. Height, weight, ability level, riding style and where you spend most of your days riding. A board doesn't know how tall you are but it does know how much weight is being put on the edge. How tall you are does play a part in board sizing but it is just one of the many factors needed for a proper board size. Best thing to do is come in and let us help you pick out a board that will help you progress and ensure that you have a great day on the mountain.
Many factors are needed to determine proper ski sizing. Height, Weight, Skier ability, and the type of terrain that the skier will be skiing are all important in determining the right size ski. Having Skis that are properly sized for you will make a huge difference in whether or not you have a good or bad day of skiing.
It can be tricky to get just the right fit in a Ski or Snowboard boot. Ski and Snowboard boots have "forward lean" built into them which causes you to stand with your knees bent in a semi crouch position. With the boots all the way buckled or laced up, you want your heel pulled all the way back in the heel cup. You should have a little bit of toe wiggle room and then "comfortably snug" all the way up. The tighter the better without any pain or pressure points. Some ski and snowboard boots also come with heat moldable liners that will allow you to get them custom fit specifically to you. Boots are the toughest piece of equipment to buy so the best thing to do is come into the shop and let us help you get the boot that fits YOU just right.
Skis and Snowboards have been built with regular camber for years. Regular cambered equipment can be used for a more aggressive riding style and will hold a better edge at higher speeds or on hard packed snow. Rocker skis and snowboards can be used for a little bit more laid back "freestyle" type of skiing or snowboarding. Skis and snowboards that are built with *"Regular Camber"* will arch in the middle. When the middle of the skis or snowboard are raised off of the snow, then the "Contact Points" of the skis or snowboard are pressed into the snow which will allow the edge to lock in and create a deep bite into the snow. Harder carving at higher speeds becomes more stable when you have more edge bite. Sometimes when you make an incorrect weight shift or are off balance, then you can have the sensation of "catching an edge." Equipment with* "Rocker"* built into it is a more loose and "free" style of riding. The skis or snowboard is turned up at both ends looking somewhat similar to the base of a rocking chair. With the "Contact Points" of the skis or snowboard pulled up out of the snow, it allows the edges to float more freely over the terrain and it alleviates the feeling of "catching your edge." For beginners it makes learning to ski or snowboard easier and for intermediate to advanced riders it makes learning tricks or riding in powder easier. For more aggressive riders you will sacrifice some edge hold at higher speeds so if you like to ride fast and carve then you might not be into rocker but if you want an easier more relaxed style of riding then rocker might be for you. We have all Camber/Rocker profiles in our regular rental and in our demo fleet so come in and try one today.


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