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  • With the growing awareness of the devastating impact that common ingredients such as Oxybenzone, Clear and Nano Zinc Oxides, and Oxtinoxate have on coral reefs and other aquatic life, together we have the opportunity to raise consciousness and provide a truly healthy, effective choice to consumers.
  • We place equal importance on an ingredient’s safety on the body: 
    • Formulated to EcoCert standards
    • With organic ingredients
  • Our line is not only safe, but also truly effective: they were developed to take someone through every part of their everyday life plus their outdoor adventures.
  • The sunscreens, for example, are water-resistant to at least 80 minutes and offer broad-spectrum SPF protection.  Titanium Dioxide is the active ingredient, and is lighter than Zinc Oxide, resulting in less whiteness on the skin, as well as the need for less oil to enable the sunscreen to evenly disperse. 
  • We have a full line of Body Care products formulated to the same exacting standards for performance and quality. 
  • One of our hero products is the Sun & Sting Gel, which is great for soothing sunburns, fire coral and jellyfish stings, insect bites – and even man-o-war sting!
  • All of our products contain our potent antioxidant blend of Green Tea, Holy Basil, Aloe, Olive Leaf Extract and Wakame. 
  • Bio-plastic tubes made from Sugarcane resin, with neutral carbon footprint
Also: we also offer 1 oz sizes packaged for resale; perfect for travel.
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Sun & Sting Gel, 6 oz



Sun Protect Lip Balm 13 SPF



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