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Scott Decree Pole - Black

Size: 44

Price:   $ 68.00   $ 45.99  
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Size: 46

Price:   $ 68.00   $ 45.99  
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Scott Decree Ski Poles

For skiers on a budget (or anyone who doesn't want to have to go searching for couch-change to buy ski poles) the Scott Decree Ski Poles are right for you. With it's S2 Aluminum Alloy Shaft and Cone Tip, the Decree is engineered to be lightweight and aerodynamic, giving you a superb performance for a cheap price.
S2 Aluminum Alloy Shaft - Uses the same technical swaging and design features of the S4 and S3 series and is rated to 45,000 PSI
18 mm shaft diameter
P-Lite Grip - Engineered to blend ergonomic comfort with durability
FX 24 Strap - Features an over-molded buckle and is slightly slimmer then the FX 15x25 strap for easier accessibility
3.6 Disc Basket - Aerodynamic efficiency, durability and design
Cone Tip - Designed to be no more than a shadow on the end of your pole, the Cone is lightweight and and designed to be aerodynamic.


  • Material: Aluminum

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